Genesis P15 for sale

Genesis Project 15 #84 and #85.

2 channel dual mono amplifier.


# 84 have been modified for better sound in 2009 by Gordon Taylor.

#85 modified in 2017 with following upgrades:
Upgrade rail caps, 18000uF to 22000uF, 10,000uF to 12000uF, and 220uF to 330uF audio.
Replace 60v Schottky diodes with 100v parts for reliability.
Update tube LED’s to blue.
Change 6H30 to 6CG7 GE tube. Add grid stopper resistor. Set tube plate voltage.
Upgrade mosfet in HV supply with low loss part 200N15.
Reset bias.
Run in all parts for 48 hours.

Movie: P15 amplifier







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